For many years there had been a very strong Yorkshire Terrier presence in the East Midlands area and Lincolnshire in particular. The Open shows in the region were well supported and it was not unusual to see entries in the twenties and thirties filling four or five breed classes at these shows. (Where are these numbers today?). This kind of support prompted a small band of dedicated enthusiasts to investigate the possibility of forming a breed club for the exhibitors in that area. In 1981 those ten or a dozen people gathered at the house of Jack and Kitty Barnaby (Barntoys) in Scunthorpe with a view to forming such a club. Interim officials were appointed from that meeting and the wheels were set in motion to make a formal approach to the Kennel Club to form a new breed society. Draft rules were formulated and plans were made to hold the innagural meeting at a hotel in the area.

Several breed enthusiasts were invited to become founder members and as soon as sufficient were enrolled to meet Kennel Club requirements, the date and venue for the innagural meeting was set. This was held at the Park Hotel in Scunthorpe with the Interim officers presiding over a well attended meeting. Those initial officers were Mrs K. Barnaby, as President, Chairman Mr. Graham Davison (Chegras) and Mr. Brian & Mrs. Val Shirley (Cherlem) as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The meeting confirmed Graham Davison as Chairman, Brian Shirley as Secretary and his wife Val as Treasurer. Mr. Jim Robson (Primemeadows) was appointed as Vice-Chairman and a small working committee was elected from those present in the body of the meeting. Formal application was sent to the Kennel Club, approval and recognition of the Lincoln and Humberside Yorkshire Terrier Club appeared slow in coming but nevertheless was granted in early 1983. The next priority then remained to organise the first show. This was quickly attended to and Kennel Club permission was granted to run the clubs first Open show in the TA Drill Hall, Cottage Beck Road, Scunthorpe, South Humberside on Sunday October 23rd 1983. Mrs. Kitty Barnaby was to be the judge in recognition of the important part she played in helping to get the club founded.

The club continued to grow in strength and the following year 1984, three Open shows were held, the first in January, then on May Day Bank Holiday Monday and the third in October, keeping to the anniversary of the very first show. In keeping with the name and aims of the club it was decided to try and hold shows across the region in order to provide, as much as possible, exhibitors in the area with a show on their doorstep. At that time North Lincolnshire was known as South Humberside and likewise, North Humberside covered quite a large area of the old East Riding of Yorkshire. Our geographical area extended from Bridlington in the north to Spalding in the south, from the River Trent in the west, all the way to the East coast. We aimed to cater for all exhibitors wherever they resided and everyone was made welcome, as they still are. The club was bordered by the well-established clubs of the Northern Counties and Eastern Counties, the latter having given their support to the formation of the Lincoln & Humberside. This support from the surrounding clubs proved to be mutually beneficial as we all drew our entries from the entire area.

We were fortunate in finding excellent venues for our shows in all three areas and each show was identifiable with a date and a venue. For many years the January show was held in the Beverley Civic Hall in North Humberside, the show on May Day at a venue in the city of Lincoln and the October show at the Park Community Centre in Scunthorpe, South Humberside, thus maintaining the geographic distribution throughout the region. Although this was the norm for many years, various factors including the cost and availability of venues meant that the club was not able to maintain this distribution and today, shows are alternated between Lincoln and Scunthorpe.

In the early years the club's shows were always well supported and the record entry for the club Open show stands at 115 dogs for the show held on May Day at the Sudbrooke Community Centre, Lincoln in 1987 where the judge was Mrs. Hannah McKay (Clantalon). Regular application for championship status was made annually and I'm sure that the numerically good and consistent entries the club shows attracted helped considerably to that status being granted for 1988. The first Championship show was held on May Day of that year with Mr. Phillip Naylor (Naylenor) judging an excellent entry of 130 at the Birchwood Leisure Centre in Lincoln

The club continued to run regular shows, two Open and one Championship show until 1994 when the Kennel Club's review of the allocation of Challenge Certificates made a significant impact on the show world in general, and the Lincoln & Humberside in particular. The number of CC's on offer for the breed was reduced to 26. In addition to some General Societies being denied the chance to schedule Yorkies with CC's, it was decided that the allocation to the Breed Clubs be reduced, first from ten to nine, then to 8 where it stands at present. This allocation meant that the three most recently formed clubs; namely Lincoln & Humberside, South Wales and Eastern Counties would have to rotate one set of CC's over a three-year period.

The Clubs' last Championship show to be held before this reduction took effect was in 1994 where the judge was the knowledgeable toy all-rounder, Mrs. Dorothy Dearn. The introduction of the CC rotation meant that, for the foreseeable future, championship shows would be held every third year. However, for some unexplained reason the Clubs' next championship show was not to be until 1999. Still held on the traditional day of May Day Bank Holiday, May 3rd, the judge was Mrs. Marjorie Goulding (Matoi). Appropriately Mrs. Goulding had been invited to judge at the championship show in 1996. Subsequent to the invitation being made, the Kennel Club made their reduction in CC allocation and the rest, as they say, is history. The next Championship Show was held on Sunday May 5th 2002 in Lincoln with the Club's inaugural Hon. Secretary Mr. Brian Shirley (Cherlem) as the Judge. Championship shows now come around once every third year and the most recent took place on 5th May 2008 where the judge was Mr. Douglas McKay (Clantalon). Unless the Kennel Club relent on their allocation the next will be due in 2011.

The club has maintained three shows each year, as near as possible to the traditional show dates and has always held an Open show in place of the championship show thereby keeping the date available. The aim of the club must be to return to hosting a championship show every year and it is hoped the officers and committee will continue working towards this end. In the meantime Open shows are being held and the club is being operated for the exhibitors in the best traditions of its constitution. Hopefully, the present management will do their best to advance those ideals originally promoted by that dedicated band of enthusiasts, many still around today, who, in 1981, decided to form the Lincoln & Humberside Yorkshire Terrier Club

Officers: 1981 to present day


1981 - 1982; Mrs. Kitty Barnaby (Barntoys)
1982 - 1997; Mr. Ron Goulding (Matoi)
1997 - 1999; Mrs. Jean Ball (Foxengate)
1999 - 2001; Mr. Ron Goulding
2001 - 2002; Mr. George Harrison
2002 - 2006; Mrs. Janice Blamires (Wykebank)
2006 - 2010; Mr George Harrison (Winderly)
2010 - Present; Mr. Len Burnett (Ivygold)


1981 - 1992; Mr. Graham Davison (Chegras)
1992 - 1996; Mr. Harold Langhorn (Yorlang)
1996 - 2001; Mrs. Elaine Stuart (Laineys)
2001 - 2010; Mr. Len Burnett (Ivygold)
2010 - Present; Mr Brian Lees (Lafford)

Hon Secretary

1981 - 1987; Mr. Brian Shirley (Cherlem)
1987 - 1996; Mr. Brian Lees (Lafford)
1996 - 1998; Mr. Bob Johnson (Moonsville)
1998 - 1999; Mr. Dick Terry (Virgleo)
1999 - 2001; Mrs. Christine Barber (Krismel)
2001 - 2003; Mrs. Christine Walker (Riponian)
2003 - 2006; Mr. George Harrison (Winderly)
2006 - Present; Mrs Brenda Pipes (Brevorda)

Hon Treasurer

1981 - 1987 Mrs. Val Shirley (Cherlem)
1987 - 1988 Mr. Graham Davison (Chegras)
1988 - 1992 Mrs. Janet Long (Bellnova)
1992 - 2000 Mr. Andy Stuart (Laineys)
2000 - 2001; Ms. Lesley Watson
2001 - 2002; Mrs. Carol Lees (Lafford)
2002 - 2006; Mrs Janice Blamires
2006 - Present; Mrs S. Reddington