Listed below are the original Founder Members of the Lincoln & Humberside Yorkshire Terrier Club and their locality at the time of the club's foundation - 1981. Sadly some are no longer with us and many have moved away from the area.

However, there are still a few who support the club and the breed and if you would like to get in touch why not send an email to the link on this page and we will do our best to get you together.

Contact email: Admin Team

Mr & Mrs Andersen (Kirella) - Grimsby, Humberside

Mrs. L. Arnold (Showbiz) - Doncaster, Sth. Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs J. Barnaby (Barntoys) - Scunthorpe, Humberside

Mr & Mrs Birkett - Scunthorpe, Humberside

Mrs R. Boyd - Scunthorpe, Humberside

Miss M. Carver (Yoburgh) - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs T. Cole (Coletts) - Hull, Humberside

Mr. C. Cottard (Cottshire) - Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs F. Crowston, Scunthorpe, Humberside

Mr & Mrs G. Davison (Chegras) - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Mrs J. Eden (Janitas) - Tottenham, Nth. London

Mrs J. French (Joyscavey) - Spalding, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs E. Gillott (Gillmins) - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs R. Goulding (Matoi) - Scunthorpe, Humberside

Mrs Hargreaves - Doncaster, Sth. Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs M. Harrison - Wovlerhampton, W. Midlands

Mrs M. Hartley - Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Mrs M. Hepworth - Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs H. Hilton (Harletta) - Gt. Yeldham, Essex

Mrs S. Hingley (Shirlines) - Leeds, W. Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs K. Hooper - Louth, Lincolnshire

Mrs S. Hurton - Grimsby, Humberside

Mr & Mrs Hutson - Scunthorpe, Humberside

Mr & Mrs T. Lamb (Lamsgrove) - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Mrs A. Lawrie - Hull, Humberside

Miss D. Lawson - Beverley, Humberside

Mr B. & Mrs C. Lees (Lafford) - Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Miss H. Liggett - West Ewell, Surrey

Mr & Mrs E. Lloyd - Rotherham, Sth. Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs P Mann (Craigsbank) - Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr & Mrs W. Millard - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Mr & Mrs D. McKay (Clantalon) - Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr I. Richards (Handerby) - Horncastle, Linconshire

Mr & Mrs J. Robson (Primemeadows) - Hull, Humberside

Mrs D. Rountree - Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs M. Sanderson - Bedlington, Northumberland

Mrs S. Schaefer (Lovejoys) - Scarborough, Nth Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs B. F. Shirley (Cherlem) - Bucknall, Lincolnshire

Mr & Mrs D. Shucksmith (Smisklea) - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Mrs L. Towers-Mourelatos (Bevmells) - Hunmanby, Nth. Yorkshire

Mrs G. Wilson (Sherrldene) - Over, Cambridgeshire

Mr Wilson - Doncaster, Sth. Yorkshire

Mr & Mrs O. Wood (Tolcarne) - Pontefract, W. Yorkshire

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